Our Volunteers Are The Flowers Of Our Gardens, TY!

Historic Garden Walk, Placerville California

A Self-guided Walking Tour Celebrating Placerville & Community Pride Volunteers’ Garden Projects, Art & Historic Landmarks

Our Volunteers Are The Flowers Of Our Gardens, TY!

Historic Garden Walk, Placerville California

A Self-guided Walking Tour Celebrating Placerville & Community Pride Volunteers’ Garden Projects, Art & Historic Landmarks

Community Pride Volunteers of Placerville, California

Community Pride Volunteers


Who We Are ~ The City of Placerville Community Pride Committee was established by city resolution in 1990 to implement the General Plan Community Design Element recommendation to promote city beautification. Community Pride Volunteers work in public garden projects, our city beautification volunteer organization is dedicated to “Improving the grace and charm of Placerville" by promoting community volunteerism in gardening, landscaping, public art projects, and other beautification projects on public property through volunteer membership and participation of individuals and community service organizations. 

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What we have done recently


Our volunteer organization maintained gardens and murals throughout Placerville; along Broadway, Main Street, the Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway 50 corridor poppy seeding, the El Dorado Trail, Randolph Creek, Hangtown Creek and Gold Bug Park • Pulled weeds, planted flowers, scattered wildflower seeds, updated irrigation, improved the soil, cleaned up areas  • Held volunteer Work Days • The Historic Bell and Vietnam Memorial plaques have found a home on Main Street, Phase 1 & 2 of our Monument Garden Project Is completed, We have started Phase 3, the garden and benches. We Developed a landscape plan for the Monument Garden Project.

Fundraising & Outreach

What we plan on doing soon


Creation of new landscape, a new poppy project, and art projects throughout the City • Maintenance of existing city gardens, work projects and public art • Recruitment of volunteers and community service organizations • Fundraising to support Community Pride efforts • Promotion of existing city gardens, work projects, Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Wildflower Seeding and public art at public spaces in Placerville. Public outreach with Community Pride Newsletter and Placerville Garden Walk promotion. Coming this Spring look for our Gold Bug Park Interpretive Brochure.

Gardens & Projects

How to volunteer at our garden projects or to donate go here


Subscribe to our Newsletter by Community Pride founding member Kathi Lishman for a Note & Notice of our garden work days and special events. For more information on how you can help get involved in community service projects contact the City of Placerville at: 549 Main Street, Placerville, California 95667 Phone: (530) 642-5232 

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Join us for our Gardens & Projects Volunteer work days


If you like to garden, and are interested in volunteering, Placerville’s Community Pride Committee is looking for you. Come out and help us in public garden projects pulling weeds and planting flowers, scattering wildflowers seeds on our 11 public garden projects. We would love to see you in the garden at our monthly Gardens & Projects work days! 

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For updates on our progress with garden projects, community work day projects or our Placerville garden walk project information subscribe to our newsletter here. City of Placerville Community Pride Committee Dedicated Volunteers working in public gardens and work projects on city beautification gardens & projects and to help make our community a better place since 1990.

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Community Pride Volunteers Placerville California at Flower Gardens and Projects Call to Volunteers

Volunteers Are The Flowers of our Garden Projects

We don’t have meetings, we meet in the garden and we would love to meet you & join us at work days!

For more information on how to join us in the garden for work days subscribe to our newsletter to be noticed of the time, date and location of our monthly work days in the garden or call town hall in Placerville.

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Placerville Garden Walk "A Walk in our Gardens & Projects"

Historic Garden Walk Map


Map of our Walk in the Garden & Projects with Historic Points of Interest

Download Here Our Historic Placerville Garden Walk Booklette

Placerville Garden Walk of Community Pride Volunteers Gardens & Projects, Public Art, Work Day Areas and Points of Historic Interest Village of Gold, A Walk in the Garden 2019. Celebrating 25 years of Garden Walks and Garden Tours.  Community Pride EDC Garden Tour Fundraiser of private gardens to fund Public Gardens from 1997-2007.  Our Garden tour also help fund our Snowshoe Thompson Mural, Rhandolpg Creek Project and the Fox Lot Landscape. Gardens & Projects Inventory “A Garden Walk 1994-2017. Placerville Sesquicentennial 2007 “Village of Gold Historic Garden Walk” and 2016-2019 Placerville Garden Walk, a walk in the garden self-guided walking tour of city gardens, work projects, public art with historic points of interest. New 30- year anniversary edition Coming Soon.

Placerville Garden Walk City Clock Landmark Downtown Main St

City Clock Landmark

City Clock Landmark

Our tour starts here at downtown Main Street City Clock landmark 

City Clock Landmark

Old Cill Hall Gardens

Old City Hall Gardens

Old City Hall Gardens located at Kirk/old City Hall Lot from Main Street to US 50. Cared for by Keith and Josette Johnson Since 1995. Included with the five gardens at Lot and buildings is donation of park bench and Old 1888 Map & Main Street Landmarks maintenance. Victorian Mountain Theme flowers & shade trees along Main Street, fern garden with flowering native plants at Hangtown creek, poppies across the creek at US 50, flowering bulbs at back door solar lamps and dwarf conifers in alley near courthouse.

Old City Hall Gardens

Fairy & Fairy Door Murals

Fairy Murals by Debra Power

Fairy & Fairy Door Murals at the old stone  Garden Walls of the parking lot & Public Restroom Area by muralist Debra Power

Fairy & Fairy Door Murals

Old 1888 Map & Main Street Landmarks

Old maps & Landmarks

Old 1888 Map & Main Street Landmarks - A birds-eye view of 1888 Placerville “Walk Old Hangtown” Historic Display Text & Map by Marilyn Ferguson. Photos & Historic Display Maintenance Donated by Josette Johnson Since 1998 ~ For the History Buff.

Walk Old Hangtown

Main Street at Bedford Ave

Main Street at Bedford Ave

Flower Garden Project located at Main Street and Bedford Ave. This colorspot garden is designed and cared for by Keith Johnson

Main at Bedford Garden

Monument Garden Project

Monument Garden Project

Bell at Bedford & Memorial Monument are installed. Planned is a flower path from monument at landmark redwood to park benches. Landscape by Cary Friar.

Monument Garden Project

Placerville Garden Walk Druid Monument Landmark

Druid Monument Landmark

Druid Monument Landmark Upper Main Street Area Community Pride Volunteers Placerville Garden Walk

Druid Monument Landmark Placerville is the Home of California Druid Grove #1, Druid meaning “knowledge of the oak” marks this link of our walk in the garden. The cork oak at our old ivy house garden was planted by one of our original volunteers, Carol Patton. Upper Main Street Area of our walk in the garden, near our old ivy house flower garden between Clay Street and Cedar Ravine. Maintain by the city and a volunteer Work day location and new flower beds designed and cared for by Cary Friar.

Druid Monument Landmark

Mooney Lot Garden & Mural Project

Mooney Lot Garden

Mooney Lot Flower Garden and Whimsical Garden Wall Mural  by muralist Debra Power. Mountain Theme Flower garden, stone grotto with Main Street Maple Shade Trees along sidewalk. Cared for by Debra Power

Mooney Lot Garden & Mural Project

Randolph Creek Garden Project

Randolph Creek Project between Broadway Court and Park & Ride at Mosquito along El Dorado Trail

Caltrans Adopt-A-Hwy at Randolph Creek Project with creek maintenance, removing exotic plants and nurturing native plants by Steve Dowty and Jennifer Trucker.

Randolph Creek Project

El Dorado Trail Poppy Seeding

Poppy Seed Project at El Dorado Trail, Hangtown Creek and US Scenic Highway 50 behind Town Hall.

Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Project by Josette Johnson. From Town Hall Bridge to Bedford Ave.California Golden Poppies North & Milkweed for butterflies South of the trail.

Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway El Dorado Trail & Randolph Creek

Ore Cart Garden Project

Ore Cart Garden Project

Ore Cart Garden Project Coming Here Soon, Our third landscape at this area in 30 years. New landscape Designed by Marcia Scott.  One of Community Pride's first Gardens, a xeriscape design by Carol Patton and Rich Zito. The second landscape by Liz Smith and Dennis Look with  "River of Gold" theme.

Ore Cart Garden Project

Gold Bug Park Garden Project

Gold Bug Park Garden Project

Gold Bug Park Garden Project Work Day at Path to Gold Mine and Big Canyon Creek Area. By Cindy Podsiadl. Gold Bug Interpretive Brochure Coming Soon.

Gold Bug Park Garden Project

Placerville Garden Walk Bell Tower Landmark Lower Main St.

Placerville Garden Walk Bell Tower Landmark Lower Main Street

Bell Tower Landmark

One of our first flower gardens now being cared for by the city with hanging baskets by the PDA project.  Community Pride raised the funds to purchase the wrought iron fencing around the base of the Bell Tower Flower gardens.

Bell Tower Landmark

Parking Garage Garden

Parking Garage Garden Project Designed, Cared for and Maintained by Debra Power.

Parking Garage Planter “art in the garden” plants that catch the breeze and cast dancing shadows. Designed and cared for by Debra Power. 

Parking Garage Planter

Fox Lot Garden Project

Fox Lot Garden Project

Our 10 year fundraiser Garden Tour of private gardens to fund public gardens funded this project Of shade trees, woodland garden and stormwater garden. Newly planted is a rose garden by Cary Friar with white flowers that reflect moonlight. 

Fox Garden Project

Snowshoe Thompson Mural

Community Pride Project of Snowshoe Thompson, local hero & mail carrier, located on old post office.

Our first mural project. Local hero mail carrier Snowshoe Thompson Mural at old Post Office Building by muralist Oran Miller and maintained by Mr. & Mrs. Blackwell.

Snowshoe Thompson Mural

Welcome Sign Area Hangtown Creek Project

Welcome Sign Area Mountain Meadow Hangtown Creek Project Designed and Cared for by Debra Power.

Welcome Sign Area Mountain Meadow Wildflowers and Hangtown Creek Project by Debra Power. Welcome Sign Planter Maintained by Placerville Rotary.

Welcome Sign Area and Hantown Creek Project

Community Pride Volunteers


Thank you to all our volunteers, for 30 years of making our walk in the garden, and our community a better place because of YOU!

Garden Project Work Days

Community Pride Archives 1990 - 2018 Placerville, California

Gateway to Tahoe

Placerville Gateway to Tahoe Photo Provided to us by Jackie Winji.

Provided to us by Jackie Winji

Gateway to Sierra (Before)


Designed by Dennis Look, the Gateway to Sierra established  our Signature Mountain Theme plant list, Partners with Placerville Rotary this Community Prides first Caltrans Garden Project. It was removed by Caltrans during the highway project. The new gateway moved a block east to the next available Garden Project area at the Welcome Sign.

Gateway to Sierra (After)


Community Pride Gateway to Sierra Garden Project with Placerville Rotary. Designed by Dennis Look. New Gateway to Sierra Wildflowers Garden Project is located in the area of the Welcome Sign. The Placerville Rotary maintains the planters at the Sign Area and Debra Power is establishing the new Gateway to Sierra Wildflowers Mountain Meadow Garden Project and has maintained the Hangtown Creek Project for the past 25 years.

Signature Mountain Theme

Community Pride Volunteers Placerville California Main Street Maples Garden Project from Archives

Plant Palette Database. City Plant List, Plant Sampler, Master Plant List, Signature Mountain Theme, Upland to Riparian and Blooms & Beneficials Resource for Placerville Plants coming here soon. Photo is from Archives, of our Main Street Maples Garden Project.

Fox Lot Garden Project (Before)


Community Pride Designed the Landscape along the street with our signature mountain theme. Cary Friar Designed a Rose Garden to cover chain link fence, maintains and cares for the fox lot gardens.

Fox Lot Garden Project (After)


Contrasting colors that change with the season, bright green tulip tree, black maple leaves, flowering crepe myrtle, evergreen conifers, dwarf Alberta spruce, blue spruce and mugs pine. Native woodland plants at the entrance and million bells and petunias along Main Stree. Blue salvia can still be found under the sycamore and oak trees. One oak in the back to shade the creek waters. Stone, grasses and wildflower filter garden and new white roses to reflect moonlight and cover chainlink in the back of the lot. 

Ivy House Garden Work Days

Ivy House Garden Project Community Pride Volunteers Placerville California Main Street by Cary Friar

Our old country cottage garden by Mo Daly. Carol Patton planted the cork oak tree.  We have work days here spreading mulch. This Ivy House flower garden under cork oak in old river stone wall planter. New flower garden is cared for and maintained by Cary Friar.

Redwoods at Broadway Work Days


Volunteer Work Days Mulch Location. Urban Forest by Cindy Podsiadlo & Daffodils by Judy Davis can be seen on both sides of highway. Caltrans Garden Project Design by Mo Daly. Contact us if you are interested in donating daffodil bulbs or volunteer for mulch days.

Bell at Bedford

Bell at Bedford Granite Moss Rock Garden Design by Steve Pace Community Pride Volunteers Placerville

Original Bell at Bedford Garden Project of a rock garden by Steve Pace.  Location of our planned Monument Garden Project healing garden woodland path with stone and flowers to an area of benches for peaceful reflection. Fundraising for the Monument Garden Project by Kathi Lishman and Steve Youel.

Historic State Route 49 and Main Street


Old Abandoned Homestead Garden Project designed to look like remnants of an old homestead at the base of an ancient river stone wall by Mo Daly. Located at lower Main Street and Historic State Route 49 the Gold Country Motherlode Highway.

Soda Works Garden

Community Pride Volunteers Garden Project by Liz and Garry Smith. Placerville, California, Main St.

Our first mountain theme garden project with plants that look like they spilled off the hill blending native with exotic design by original volunteers Elizabeth and Garry Smith. Now the Mooney Lot Garden with Main Street Maples.

El Dorado Trail Zen Garden


Located next to the sycamore shaded parking lot and native sycamore shaded trail trees, this Zen Garden along El Dorado Trail. A Community Pride Garden Project with memorial oak tree. Designed by Dennis Look.

El Dorado Trail Shade Tree Promenade


Community Pride Garden Project funded and cared for by bill & Eileen Crim to beautify and shade this section of trail with Native to Sierra Sycamore Shade Trees to soften the harsh urban feel of this area and create a pleasant experience

Hangtown Creek Project

Community Pride Rainbow Trout Project with El Dorado High School Students Fish & Game by Debra Power

Placerville El Dorado High School Students Counting Fish with Environmental Science Teacher Debra Power,  Fish & Game at our Hangtown Creek Project at the Welcome Sign Area. Hangtown Creek is a Class 1 Rainbow Trout Fishery. Students also planted native plants and trees for frogs & songbirds at Placerville Welcome Sign Area Since 1995.

Creekside Park at Clay Street

Ivy House Creekside Park. Community Pride Volunteers, Clay Street, Garden Project by Debra Power.

Site of our old Creekside Ivy House Park garden project. Maintained by Community Pride for many years, Dennis Look, Ron Mueller and Cindy Podsiadlo. Deb Power cared for the park area and  Steve Dowty, Helen Ramstad cared for the Creekside area by the El Dorado Trail.

Earth Day Work Day

Community Pride Work Day on Earth Day with Placerville Scouts at Hangtown Creek Poppy Seeding.

Community Pride with Placerville Scouts earning their Eco-Action Badges. Community Pride Volunteer Judy Davis handing out certificates of appreciation at Hangtown Creek for weeding and seeding California golden poppies.

Quartz Alley Flower Garden Work Day

Community Pride Quartz Alley Flower Garden with Helen Ramstad & Scouts Designed by Randy Edwards.

Earth Day Flower Planting at Quartz Alley Garden Project with Placerville Scouts & Community Pride Volunteer Helen Ramstad at Quartz Alley. Dry Creek-bed Mountain Theme by Randy Edwards, Community Pride Volunteer, Placerville, California.

Community Pride First Creek Day

Community Pride Hangtown Creek Work Day, Placerville Earth Day at Town Hall now our Poppy Seed Area.

City of Placerville, Community Pride's 1st Annual Creek Clean-up Day with Carl Borelli, Ron Mueller, the Hangtown Creek Stewardship Committee, Placerville Scouts, Schnell School, El Dorado High School, CNPS, RCD, Fish & Game. 

Placerville Petals ~ “A Walk in the Flower Garden” ~ Montage

Experience the Blog ~ Photos of our Gardens & Projects Walk in the Flower Garden ~ Placerville Petals & Popup Portals 

Placerville Community Pride Volunteer Organization Websites

City of Placerville Community Pride Committee Home Page

Bell Tower Landmark Photo by Josette Johnson, Community Pride Volunteer, Placerville, California

Community Pride was established in 1990 to promote city beautification on public spaces. City Resolution forming Placerville Community Pride Committee.

City of Placerville Community Pride Committee Home Page

Community Pride Archives * Mobile App Walk * Plant Palette Database

City Clock Landmark Photo by Josette Johnson, Community Pride Volunteer, Placerville, California

Historic Placerville Garden Walk Website Archives, Mobile App Walk Old Hangtown & Plant Montage Database

Community Pride Archives & Plant Palette Database

Placerville Community Pride Committee Website

Welcome Sign Wildflowers Photo by Josette Johnson, Community Pride Volunteer, Placerville California

Community Service Committee "Dedicated to improving the grace and charm of Placerville" Gardens & Projects and Public Art and City Beautification.

Placerville Community Pride Committee Website

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