Caltrans Adopt-A-Hwy at Various Locations at Creek & Trail

Photo of Poppy Project at El Dorado Trail, Placerville, California, Community Pride, Caltrans

Caltrans at El Dorado Trail Poppy Project

Wildflower Seeding at Town Hall and El Dorado Trail and Various Locations Along Hangtown Creek to Randolph Creek for Song Birds and Butterflies

El Dorado Trail Garden Poppy Project
Randolph Creek Project, El Dorado Trail, Broadway Court, Mosquito Canyon, Placerville, California

Caltrans at Randolph Creek Butterfly Project

This Community Pride project is around 10 years old and shows an example of creek restoration using maintenance. by the removal of non~native plants and by encouraging native plants, grasses and flowers.

Randolph Creek Garden Butterfly Project
Wildflowering Placerville, California Golden Poppies, Scenic Highway Corridor, Community Pride

Hangtown Creek Project Wildflowers

Our Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway Wildflower Project Along Scenic Highway 50 from the Welcome Sign along the El Dorado Trail at Hangtown Creek to Randolph Creek near Mosquito Road

Hangtown Creek Garden Wildflower Project

Adopt-A-Highway Wildflowers El Dorado Trail, Hangtown Creek Randolph Creek Projects